Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How You Can Start Winning In Online Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

 1. Play very carefully first because the bets are quite unpredictable.

2. Do not play together in a style because most of your opponents know this strategy.

3. If you doubt that you have the best hand, then your opponent will believe that you are betting on an aggressive style or simply fold.

4. If you have the best hand, do not let your opponents know it. Make them think that they have the best hand and allow them to make Pairs and meet on the river.

5. In the first phase of the game, the goal is to survive the next step and try to bring the chips to the road

6. Do not worry if your opponent has accumulated a lot of chips. Just keep patience and wait for big hands.

7. It is best to see Pairs if the flop does not help you spread or if you think your opponent has not improved.

8. If you get a strong hand after the flop, raise the stakes and make your opponents stay in the game to stay. If your hand is better then you are all going.

9. Do not try to make it personal. If your opponent is trying to intimidate you, you should better chat

10. Take the pre-flop with good cards and try to steal the blinds. They must be brave and show some aggressiveness in his game. But it is better to fold if you are not quite sure,

11. If you have a stack of bigger chips, then follow the stack size of your opponents and allow them to stay in the game. It is better to raise your Pairs if you have a good hand.

12. If the chip guide, do not play too loosely because the blinds are high and you can lose your chips in the hands of a few less.

13. If you survive in the last two or three players and have the advantage of chips, then have patience and wait for the murderous hand. For probably you will eliminate the others.

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